The 2019 Season is Coming to a Close

Hello everyone! It amazes me how quickly the year has passed, and even more so, how much stuff we were able to cram into it. One example is that I was able to paint a portion of the house, but we’re far from finished since there are tons more projects to complete! We’re way behind in the cottage project and although I started painting the exterior, I’m still waiting on the ordered scaffolding so I can better reach the higher sections. Plus, we’re almost finished fencing off the 2nd sheep pasture, but the massive rocks and sewage system is holding us up. Not to mention all the painting we need to do…did I mention painting?

We did have an awesome log splitting party in the beginning of Sept., and thanks to family and our chainsaws and log splitters and trucks and brute strength, we managed to eek out 8 cords from the log links we ordered back in August. I’ve been doing hay runs, stocking up on food for the sheep since I’m convinced we’ll get a bad winter this year. I read an Old Wive’s Tale that said, The higher you find a hornet’s nest the worse the winter will be. Well, we found a huge nest nestled within the peak of the house’s tower which stands over 25 feet! And also, the El Nino has come to an end so MAYBE we’ll have a great snowmobile season this year. God knows we need it in my area. A bad winter will give us a chance to paint some of the guest rooms upstairs, too. Then there’s tilling for garlic planting in November. Lots to do!

With all that we have going on at the farm, plus the colder weather ready to move in soon, we’re closing our bed & breakfast for the season from October 13th and will reopen May 1st 2020. 

Thank you to all my wonderful guests for choosing us to host your stay, as we have enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you–please have a safe and wondrous Winter season and hope to see you again in 2020.

Most Sincerely,

Berry Hill Farm Bed & Breakfast



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