We Are Closed

Hi everyone…I’m writing this on the fly so it will sound scattered. There’s so, so, so much I would love to write about, but sadly the times have changed where freedom of speech is no longer a freedom and what little freedom us humans do have is really just an illusion.

We have to close our doors for the 2020 season. News outlets, real or fake, and fear mongering leaders–who elected these Dracos anyway?–continue to report conflicting information concerning the Chinese virus COVID-19. Some reports say the virus will resurface this summer causing more deaths. Other reports add there’ll be another resurgence in the late fall months with even more deaths! C’mon! Is this for real? Then there’s talk of grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, farmer’s markets and the like that don’t know if and when they will or can re-open. How about climbing unemployment, an uncertain volatile stock market, and lots of travel bans. Parks, venues and public services are all affected, and I mean, who’s getting their hair done these days?

So with all this going on because of a virus that only God knows the truth behind its origin, we feel that we need to close our doors for the 2020 season. We hope we’ll live thru this crazy year unscathed somehow, and re-open our doors again in May of 2021.

Most importantly, we truly wish you and yours stay safe and sound, healthy and hopeful. That life in this wonderful nation returns as it once was; that the evil side of politics who most admittedly are not allowing a good crisis go to waste–will not have stripped us of even more human rights and liberties.

Thanks for reading and see you next year.

Berry Hill

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